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Robinson Cano Named AL Player of the Week

Hello friends, happy Monday! The Mariners return home today after a successful 5-2 road trip. Tonight they will start a three game series against LoMo, Brad Miller, Erasmo and the Tampa Bay Rays. Felix Hernandez will go for the all-time win record for a Mariners starting pitcher, and it will glorious.

First, some great news to share. Robinson Cano deservedly earned AL Player of the Week honors. In the past week his triple slash line is an astounding .516/.516/1.000 with 4 home runs and a crazy 1.516 OPS. One Houston series later, Robinson leads the AL in home runs with 12. This is the first time he has won the honor since July 1st, 2012 with the Yankees. He has been electrifying to watch. With the way he has been playing, this will not be the first award he earns this season (2016 AL MVP). Here is the announcement from Mariners PR:

Good job, Robbie *Lloyd Mcclendon voice*.

Go Mariners.



If this is the Beginning… (20/162)

In the past, I have commiserated with many Mariners fans at various levels of angst and despair, hoping that this would be the game/month/season that we could turn our playing around. Save for whatever 2009 was, that moment has yet to come in the last decade.

On Monday, the Mariners returned to Safeco Field after a 6-3 road trip. Prior to that, they had turned in a 1-5 home stand and severely depleted any borderline fan interest that had been cultivated in the depths of the off season. We did not purely want this home stand to start well, we needed it to go well, and well it has gone.

At the end of Monday night’s series opener against the Astros, thanks to losses by the Rangers and Athletics, the Mariners sat atop the AL West. Yesterday I wrote that it may be premature to assume that the Mariners being division leaders on April 26th, 2016 was a significant fact. Today, I’m not so sure that I was right.

  • Nathan Karns, inconsistent at this point, pitched his best outing in a Seattle Mariners uniform last night. Prior to his start yesterday, Karns had not made it past the 6th inning. His line: 7 IP 2 H 0 R 3 BB 6 SO 104 pitches (63 for strikes). We’ll ignore the walks for now, as they did not amount to much. Our #5 starter out-gritted the reigning AL CY Young award winner, our number five, let that marinate. Karn’s individual accomplishments were good in their own right, but more importantly he follows a trend of inspiring outings by Mariners starting pitching over the last week:

  • We got our first run on Partay double plus a Nelson Cruz RBI single in the 4th, but the real scoring started in the 5th. My favorite #CatcherWhoRakes, Chris Iannetta, started things off with a walk dripping with OBP. Dae-Hoe Lee then gets an infield single on a ball that should have been a double play. Instead, by the the grace of the baseball gods, we had two men on and  only 1-out. Seth Smith then walks to load the bases. Norichika grounds out into a fielders choice and Chris Iannetta is out at home. We are all worried that yet another scoring opportunity would be squandered. However, Ketel Marte with his new found confidence, was not worried as he singled in Dae-Ho Lee to make the score 2-0, Mariners. Robinson Cano’s jammed single goes over the head of Carlos Correa. Seth Smith had scored easily. Norichika was getting waved home over eagerly by Manny Acta and we’ve all seen how badly this can end (Rich I’m looking at you). By another divine intervention, the throw sailed out of reach of the catcher, 4-0 Mariners. Then some Robinson Cano base running weirdness goes on, Ketel Marte and his legs are running fast for home, Marte scores and Robbie is safe a second. 5-0 Mariners.
  • Since were already on the topic of the 2016 AL MVP, let us all get out the rye bread and mustard and talk about Robinson freaking Cano. With the bases loaded and after a 9-pitch at bat, Robinson Cano blasts a grand slam to right center field and you could say I was a little excited:

  • Final score: Mariners 11-Astros 1.



Yes folks, it is only April, but it is also tantalizingly close to May. The season is a 1/8th complete, and we are allowed to start feeling genuinely happy about the product that we see on the field. It also is understandable to want to remain skeptical in a moment of high emotions and overall happy feelings. My advice is *always* enjoy yourself in the present. Do not get caught up trying to rationalize what will happen next.

The Mariners could theoretically lose the next some odd games, and the general consensus would more less return to the same resigned apprehension that has colored most people’s views for the last decade. However there is the possibility that this the beginning of something new, a winning streak that could amount to proportions foreign to most Mariners fans.  We will not know until it happens. What we do know, is on April 27th, 2016, the Seattle Mariners are the AL West division leaders and they are playing good baseball. This moment… this moment is good.

We’re going for the sweep against the Astros tonight. See everyone at Safeco.





Go Mariners.

Howard Lincoln to Resign

While I was writing up some words about last night’s mashing of the Houston Astros, this news came through twitter:

Not sure if this means if he willingly resigned or was forced out, but there should be more news coming soon. Previous minority owner John Stanton looks to be taking over ownership.

The following are some random news bits and reactions from twitter:

Go Mariners.

Long Live the Off Day (10-12/162)

Today is the third off day in the past two weeks for the Mariners. The first off day we had was coming off a happy and fun series against Texas. Mariners cyber land could not be shut up, we were on a justifiable baseball high. Off day number two came in the form of a travel day after a 1-5 home stand. That off day was essentially a warranted timeout for being too loud at the dinner table. It said “stop bragging about a three-game sample size, you overzealous Mariners conglomerate“.

While these off days are uneventful for fans, it does allow an extra day for thoughts, analysis and reflection.Sometimes that’s a good thing, but like any Mariners fan knows, sometimes it’s not so good.  Luckily today is one of those good things.

Game 10.  Nathan Karns v. Luis Severino. This game was fun, but then again, beating a historically despised team by a lot of runs always is. Brett Gardner  got the scoring going for the Yankees with a 1-run shot off Karns in the first, but that would be the only thing the Yankees had going that night. From the 4th to the 9th, the Mariners scored once an inning. Robinson Cano homers. Chris Iannetta goes 3/3 with three RBI because he is a #CATCHERWHORAKES (editors note: Chris Iannetta and his hitting is so far my favorite thing this season). Guti also had two RBI on the day, one on a sac fly in the 7th and a 9th inning double. Adam Lind also did a good thing. Nathan Karns picks up the first win for a Mariners starting pitcher this season. Mariners win 7-1.

Game favorite: Chris Iannetta’s 2-run home run in 5th. 

Game 11. Felix Hernandez v. C.C Sabathia. A typical low-scoring Felix Hernandez pitched game. Scoring for this game was again started by the Yankees, on a Carlos Beltran (yeah he’s still a thing) double. All Mariners scoring took place in a 5th inning thanks to a Leonys Martin home run (!), Robinson Cano scoring Ketel Marte, on the fastest hit and run I’ve seen in ages, and a Nelson Cruz RBI double. Nick Vincent gave up a solo shot to Carlos Beltran (what the). Other than the solo shot, the Mariners bullpen pitched 3/4 scoreless innings. Felix Tied Randy Johnson for all-time club leader in strike outs. Steve Cishek-Cishek by the seashore earned his first save on the year. Mariners win 3-2

Game favorite: Ketel Marte scoring from 1st on Robbie Cano single. Real MVP shout out to Manny Acta with the send from third. 

Game 12. Hisahshi Iwakuma v. Masahiro Tanaka. It was an exciting day for the Japanese media, having Kuma and Tanaka face each other in the big leagues for the first time. The boys could have broken it open in the first.  With 1-out and three consecutive singles from Seff, Robbie and Nellie, the Mariners had the bases loaded. Kyle Seager picked up a RBI on a fielders choice, but Adam Lind strikes out to end the inning. You know the whole capitalizing on runners in scoring position thing? You can only lead a horse to water…

After New York took the lead 3-1 on a A-Rod 2-run home run and Brett Gardner double, the Mariners rallied in consecutive innings. Steve Clevenger had a 2-out single in the 4th. Nori Aoki’s triple in the 5th was picked up for a run on a Seth Smith single. That tied the game 3-3. The only difference in the game was a run-scoring wild pitch at the hands of Hisashi Iwakuma. Unfortunately the Mariners could not hit against New York’s crazy good back end of their bullpen. Far be it for me to congratulate an opponent, but Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller, if you’re reading this, man y’all are good.

All in all it was a positive series for the Mariners. It was not a disheartening loss by any means, and as far as I can tell, most people are encouraged by the overall play in the series. Adam Lind is getting there (kinda). Nori Aoki should be getting more credit then I think he’s getting, and don’t worry y’all  Kyle is gonna be just fine.

Game favorite: Steve Clevenger’s RBI single, because he is trying so hard to be a #CatcherWhoRakes.

How did you spend your off day? What are your thoughts after the first few series have been played? Let’s talk about it. Go Mariners.

P.S – Since we were already on the topic of a #CatcherWhoRakes…

Love you, Mikey.

Mariners Opening Day Roster

HAPPY OPENING DAY EVERYONE!!! While the Mariners don’t open their season until tomorrow, we have made it to the first day of the 2016 season. Playing today will be the St. Louis Cardinals v. Pittsburgh Pirates, the Toronto Blue Jays v. Tampa Bay and lastly the New York Mets visit the Kansas City Royals in Kauffman Stadium for a rematch of the 2015 World Series.

This morning we were rewarded for our long and exhausting off-season, by the official announcement of the Mariners 25-Man roster:

Korean slugger and new dad Dae-Ho Lee gets the nod as the right-hand platoon partner of Adam Lind at first base. Steve Clevenger wins the backup job behind Chris Iannetta. Luis Sardinas is the utility infielder.  Other than those three, most of the roster was assumed before the announcement today.

It’s almost time. We’re almost there. This brand new team that is really different from the rest. The new owner that we have already put so much trust into. The new skipper that has never coached professionally in his life. It is almost time to see the OBP and the defense on a stage that will finally matter. We want new, we want the new Seattle Mariners. Our Seattle Mariners. 26 hours till first pitch. Let’s do this. Go Mariners.

A Journey Through Spring Training – 3rd Edition

The last couple days of Spring Training are always bittersweet. Part of me was dreading leaving the days where my only responsibility was getting the ballpark on time, but the other half of me was shouting “SUCK IT UP OPENING DAY IS IN A WEEK”. While I most certainly would not have been opposed to a few extra days in the desert, but knowing that Safeco will be opening their glorious green gates soon, was consolation enough. Here are the highlights from my last two days of Spring Training:

March 25th: 

Felix Day, everyone! Luckily I had packed one of my many King’s Court shirts I have acquired over the years, so I was dressed for the occasion. This game was against the Adam LaRoche-less Chicago White Soxs. This game I was not able to take score, so I live tweeted most of the important parts of the game.

This was the situation in the 1st:

That first inning was a glaring reminder that it is still Spring Training, but it was comforting to be on the receiving end of the miscues. Amidst the WhiteSoxs shaky defense, the Mariners only end up scoring two runs in the first inning. Felix would come in the bottom half of the inning and proceed to pitch six scoreless innings, only issuing five hits and three strikeouts. I was pretty excited about it.

Those two runs in the 1st would be the only two runs from either team until the seventh inning. Former Mariners center fielder, Austin Jackson, comes to the plate with 2-outs and the bases loaded by acquired, dumped and acquired again pitcher, Justin de Fratus. Austin Jackson then does a mean baseball thing  to his former team and hits a home run to center-freakin-field, grand slam. As you can tell, I am still not over it.

It ended up being all good in the end. Two innings later we got some help from “BOOMSTICK BABY,” and Nelson Cruz sends a ball over the center field fence (take THAT AJax) with Shawn O’Malley on base. Tie ballgame into the 10th. The WhiteSoxs do not score in their half of the inning, but Leonys Martin refused to prolong the game any further (I’m looking at you night game), and hit a home run to right. Game over. Final Score: WhiteSoxs 4, Mariners 5. 

March 26th: 

Last day. My group decided to go to the practice fields prior to this game. For those who don’t really know, going to the practice fields gives ample opportunity for fans to get a sincere look into the preparation of a professional baseball team. You can watch batting practice, bullpens and the like. It is quite interesting to see the work that goes into making those effortless plays on the field. This is one of the videos that I took from that morning:

The Mariners were playing the Los Angeles Dodgers for the second time that week. Wade Miley was pitching for the Mariners. Opposite Miley was Dodgers off-season pitching consolation prize, Scott Kazmir. We got a glimpse into the Wade Miley that will be out there in the regular season for the Mariners. He went six innings, giving up eight hits, three earned runs and striking out five. What we were promised in Miley was not a lights out flamethrower, we were given a consistent, inning eater that would give up a couple runs here and there, but ultimately keep his team in a ball game. This game reflected that ideal well, and I think he’ll do well in the middle of the rotation.

When Miley exited the game in the 6th the score was Dodgers 3, Mariners 4. Tony Zych came in and promptly gives up a a home run to Jacob Scavuzzo on a 1-2 count with no outs. However in an excellent display of controlling that zone and situational hitting, the Mariners put two on the board in the bottom of the 7th. Leonys Martin and Tyler Smith both reach base on back to back singles. On a 3-2 count (!!) Kyle Seager smacks a double into right field, putting the Mariners ahead 6-4. They also score again on fast man, Dan Robertson’s ground out in the 8th. The Dodgers do get two runs off closer Steve Cishek, but the Mariners held on a second 1-run game victory in as many days. Final Score: Dodgers 6, Mariners 7

P.S Ketel Marte hit an inside the park home run in the 5th inning. Baseball makes me happy.

In total, we watched six game in seven days. Our final W/L record for the week was 4-2. Happy, happy week. As always, Go Mariners.

Spring Training Week #1

I have now officially eclipsed the 1-month mark  until I head down to Spring Training, and that is SO exciting. It is also my own personal milestone of completing my very first off season trying to keep up with the bustling baseball internet world. My writing finally got the attention of a someone other than my family and friends (love you all), and I’ve spent the past couple weeks writing for I’ll be writing for them for the duration of the season. If you haven’t already, check out the pieces I’ve written on Robinson Cano, Ketel Marte, Hisashi Iwakuma, Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz and Leonys Martin.

Spring training, while largely annoying as a practice (only because its not quite “real” yet), does actually serve a larger purpose. Most important of those purposes is the official commencement of the upcoming season. What I love the most about spring training, other than my much needed yearly vacation, is the ease of the whole affair. During spring training you can really appreciate baseball it’s purest form: a game. 

Anyways baseball I’m darn happy you’re back, it was far too long without you. I now have fun, new stuff to write about again and bullpen videos to watch and oh my gosh Cishek doesn’t your arm hurt doing that? One week down y’all, we got this!
Here are my favorite moments (as told by Twitter) from this past week: 

Now presenting James Paxton 20lbs lighter with the potential to outdo me in a cartwheel contest.

Steve Cishek‘s previously mentioned follow through, followed by a big fat “ouch”

… Did someone say  catchers?! Love you, Mike Z.

Franklin Gutierrez and his dad at spring training because who doesn’t want to cry about baseball?

A look at Adam Lind controlling that zone. Woooooo boy!

Oh, hey guys. It’s nice to see the gang all together.

My heart, my soul, my oh my. 

If you’re feeling like you can’t hold on till the regular season starts… Don’t worry, it’s gonna be A-oki.

Cheers to week 1, you’ve been a wonderful reintroduction to the beauty that is baseball and the Seattle Mariners. Man, I can’t wait.

Go Mariners.

#MarinersMakeover: Post Winter Meetings Addition

Since the season ended I have focused on attempting to grab all the major points of interest from around baseball, and offer up my brief opinions/thoughts on said subjects. While always having a Mariners-centric core to my writing. However with Winter Meetings and my extremely exhausting GM picking up players left and right, I can now dedicate an entire entry to my favorite boys in blue. Now THAT is what I’m talking about!

ESPN/David Schoenfield

Do me a favor and keep reading and re-reading that first sentence. Read it until your eyes hurt from looking at the screen. Then once you have “Jerry Dipoto’s offseason has been amazing” burned in your brain, read the rest of this to show just how he’s continued to revamp the Mariners roster (plus some former Mariner news) since trading Logan Morrison and Brad Miller at the beginning of November 54486468 trades ago.

  • One of the last outfield positions was filled this past week by Nori Aoki. I don’t know much about Aoki, just that he is basically a the picture of consistency.  He also signed his contract in the Ichiro conference room. Who doesn’t want to hang out in the Ichiro conference room? Nobody, that’s who.   Aoki2
  • In order to attempt to start replenishing a potential depth to extremely depleted bullpen, the Mariners signed relievers Justin De Fratus and Evan Scribner
  • Minor league coaching assignments have been set for the upcoming season.
  • Two of my very favorite former Mariners Mark Lowe (Tigers) and Chris Young (Royals) both have a home for the next couple years. In his return to the Mariners, Lowe (he’s pitched a total of 6 years with the Mariners) was virtually unhittable, posting a 1.00 ERA/ 36 IP before he was traded midseason to the Toronto Blue Jays for 3 minor league pitchers. Young only spent a year (2014) with the Mariners after not pitching for a year. He was sheepishly quiet, but was also freakishly efficient in his time with the M’s. He carried that consistency to the Kansas City Royals this year, and is now a World Series champion. Congrats to both on their accomplishments!
  • Another shout out to another former Mariners reliever, Shawn Kelley who signed a three-year deal with the Washington Nationals. If you’re familiar with Safeco, upon Kelley entering games the music would play, and that music brought out the best “Luck of the Irish” (I’m probably wrong on the title) dance in everyone. I searched high and low for a video of this, but for some odd reason there are none in existence.
  • Cubs Claim Lefty Edgar Olmos From Mariners and Braves Acquire Right-Hander Jose Ramirez From Mariners.
  • Hisashi Iwakuma has officially signed with the Los Angeles Dodgers. The deal is around $45/3yrs. The Dodgers forfeit their 1st round draft pick to the Mariners as per the Qualifying Offer, offered to Kuma at the end of the season. I will always remember screaming at my office computer, watching you pitch your first complete game and no hitter simultaneously. Then I started crying because you looked SO happy, or because I am a complete sucker for a good story in the middle of a lost season. After all, I am a Mariners fan, and my super power is finding silver linings in the midst of a storm. 
  • Mariners Acquire Miley, Aro In Exchange For Smith, Elias. Kuma’s departure left a spot in the rotation that was obviously going to tough to fill. The inflated free agent market for pitching does not juxtapose well with Dipoto’s style. He was not likely to ink just any very expensive pitcher to a contract well past their prime. Out of all transactions Dipoto has completed all season, this trade was by far met with the most opposition/passion/disagreement etc. Carson Smith was well liked here in Seattle, he was essentially one of the only positive arms to come out of the 2015 bullpen. He proved himself to be an overall excellent setup man and closer when needed.  My confidence in Miley comes from his durability, and his ability to eat innings consistently (which helps the bullpen). Not to mention he is 29 years-old and is a lot more cost effective than Kuma in the long term.  
  • Adam Lind has come in via-trade from the Milwaukee Brewers to fill a first base void left by the trades of Logan Morrison and Mark Trumbo. All it cost us was three RHPs that can’t drink legally in the U.S.: Daniel Missaki, Carlos Herrera, Freddy Peralta.
  • Low and behold, before I woke up this morning the Mariners had signed closer Steve Cishek to a 2 year deal. Cishek fits the “buy low, coming off a down year, my gosh the phrase positive regression has been used a lot in last two months” profile that we have become accustomed to in the age of Dipoto. He was super good in 2013-2014, but not terribly reliable in 2015 in between splitting time between Miami and St. Louis. Baseball is unpredictable, but we knew that didn’t we? Welcome to Seattle, Steve! 
  • Here is a really cool “Free Agent Budget Tool” made by Bob Dutton of the Tacoma News Tribune. If you wanted to keep up with how the Mariners are spending, who they’re spending on and where those players (it overviews the 25-man-roster) will be put into action come April.
  • If you regularly follow me via social media, you’ll know that I recently wrote a guest opinion piece for a website called It’s the first feature piece I’ve done outside my own blog: here is the link if you would like to check it out!
  • For the grande finale, here is your most recent Seattle Mariners depth chart (click here to see regular updates)! We’re just that much closer everyone!DEPTHCHART12112015


Baseball HAPPenings and Free Agents Galore!

Editor’s note: J.A. Happ was a topic of discussion this past week, and I will take EVERY opportunity to make a (former) Mariner the main focus of my writing. It was mandatory that this entire article be filled with Happ puns… I’m sorry.

Since the World Series ended November 1st, we have officially hit the one month mark of the offseason. WOOHOO! One down and approximately two more to go. Wake me up when I land in Arizona, please and thank you.

When I started writing the intro to this post a few days ago I thought “the holiday made this a short week and I’m not going to have much to say”. That is a joke. I always have something to say. In case you were wondering, this was my original opening: “I declared last week that it was a “slow” week compared to what the previous weeks had brought (thank you Jerry), but I spoke prematurely. This past week was devoid of any predictable off-season awards or blockbuster multiplayer trades, but we have had a couple of notable free agent signings and that has definitely kept the stories buzzing”. WELL looks like the Boston Red Soxs took some offense to me calling their Craig Kimbrel trade the “second best” of the week. It turns out they want to go ahead and sign David Price for $217 million and 7 years and laugh at me as I struggle to think of a whole new narrative. Then the Minnesota Twins want to finally come to agreements with Byung “53 home runs a year is a normal thing” Ho Park. All within an hour of each other! Then a few hours later as I sat down to publish this article, Jerry does it again and trades Mark Trumbo. They all took my precious little short week story and threw it out the window. 

In all seriousness, I should stop complaining because I have to rewrite a few paragraphs. This is exciting! We’re finally starting to see where the biggest names in 2015 are going to find a home in 2016. We got teams waiting to build here! David Price has now set the market for pitchers looking for big contracts, and after Zach Greinke signs it will open the floodgates for the rest of the staring pitcher free agent crew to start signing their contracts. We’re thiiiisss much closer to seeing what 2016 is going to look like, and I would HAPPily rewrite a paragraph a day if that means we’re one more signing closer to opening day.

Without further rambling, your week 4 baseball news:

  1. I’m sure if you’ve glanced upon any website with a baseball on it or glanced at twitter in the past few weeks, you’ve seen a thing or two about Mariners 2nd baseman Robinson Cano. I’ve gone back and forth with my thoughts on this subject, choosing mostly to reserve judgement until I see him back on the field this season. Admittedly, coming from a team that has won historically to a team that has not, there is going to be some unHAPPiness. It’s the offseason and the rumor mills need something to pry their claws into. Bottom line is that he is staying, and everyone should (respectively) stop freaking out over rumors. Deep breath. It’s going to be okay.
  2. The Oakland Athletics acquire INF Jed Lowrie for Houston Astros for RHP Brendan McCurry.
  3. In the middle of last week there was a little buzz about the Mariners trading for Miami Marlin’s outfielder Marcell Ozuna. That sparked a minor frenzy on twitter, but so far there has been nothing since. The last time a twitter frenzy happened and it seemed like there would be no move made, we ended up signing Chris Iannetta.
  4. Danny Hultzen has officially cleared waivers (yay!) and is with Triple-A Tacoma. Hopefully the Mariners former first round pick still has a little bit left in the the tank. It would be absolutely heartbreaking to know he never played on a major league field with all that potential.
  5. A tale of a former mediocre Mariner: J.A. HAPPened to make his way back to the Toronto Blue Jays. He must have been so HAPPy to sign a 3-year $36million dollar contract with the team that traded him away last year for Michael Saunders *tear*.  
  6. The discussion of domestic abuse reared it’s ugly head this past weekend. Yasiel Puig was allegedly reported as the initiator of a bar fight with his own sister and a slew of bouncers in a Miami nightclub. This article (by a woman writer in baseball with an opinion, sound familiar?) calls attention to the culture of domestic violence inside baseball. I’ll grant the fact that domestic violence is never something that anyone wants to talk about, for fear of upsetting someone, hurt feelings, the overall uncomfortable feeling it warrants, what have you, but I promise you that this article is worth your time.
  7. Nationals RHP Jordan Zimmermann has agreed to a five-year, $110 million deal with the Tigers. If you’ll remember the Nationals gave Zimmermann an option to accept the qualifying offer. Since Zimmermann declined that offer and signed a deal with the Tigers, the Tigers have forfeited their 1st round draft pick for signing a player that was offered a qualifying offer by another club. You could imagine the Nationals were unHAPPy about losing a solid pitcher and a top draft pick.
  8. It’s important to point out with such full free agent class this year, what the increasing monetary value of a “average baseball contract” can mean. Jordan Zimmermann is only the first of the “big name” free agents/pitchers to be signed this offseason (sorry J.A. you just don’t HAPPen to be one), and the payouts will just get larger. There are quite few differing opinions on contracts like Zimmermann’s, as well as strong opinions on how contracts like this (with many more to come) largely influence the standing of professional baseball as a business. The following articles should give you some insight into this topic: Jeff Pasan of Yahoo Sports, Grant Brisbee from SB Nation and Ken Rosenthal from Fox Sports. Just for good measure, here is an article about contract value featuring J.A. Happ.
  9. The prodigal son is close to returning to professional baseball this week in the form of the Miami Marlins hitting coach. Barry Bonds, King of the asterisk, will help try to form the impressionable young hitters of the Marlins. He may be the face of steroids (and i’ll definitely get some hate for what I’m about to say), BUT I will give it to the man… He knows hitting. We can debate all we want if this is a good move or not. The true tell of this will be the production of the 2016 Marlins, and if some hitters not named Giancarlo Stanton start hitting… Well, I guess we’ll see.
  10. As I mentioned earlier, I was on my way to hit publish on this post when this little gem made its way into my life:

Mark Trumbo has been traded to the Baltimore Orioles for catcher Steve Clevenger. Supposedly there is another player going to Baltimore in the deal, but no official statements/news on that yet. Say bye to #TRUMBOMB everyone, he sometimes did cool stuff like this:

UPDATE: The other play going to Baltimore in the Mark Trumbo trade is acquired three-weeks ago pitcher, C.J Riefenhauser.  There is folks. I don’t know what to add. I’m just going to trust Jerry on this one.

As for the mainstay argument of this blog until Jan 6th: Vote for Griffey Jr. (#JrHOF) and Edgar Martinez (#EdgarHOF) for #HOF2016.

I could think of many other Happ puns, but i’ll stop there for your (and my) sanity.  I’m absolutely positively sure that this year’s winter meetings are going to bring all kinds of surprises, as well as some things that won’t surprise us so much. We’re only a week away, after all! The first month is always the hardest, so pat yourself on the back because we made it through the madness. Can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us. Thanks for reading, and as always… Go Mariners.

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