Work, school, taking care of a family or perhaps a very good baseball dog, can consume a person’s life to the point where you can forget to appreciate the “wow” moments that are happening right in front of you. I just had one of those weeks.

Since I last had a moment to write, the Mariners were coming off another successful road trip against the Orioles and the Reds, and getting ready to start a 8-game homestand against the Oakland Athletics, the Minnesota Twins and the San Diego Padres. Aside from a pesky good outing from Rich Hill the first game of the Oakland series, the Mariners ended up taking 2/3 from the Athletics. Which brings me to:

Moment #1: The Leonys Martin walk-off to win the rubber match against the Oakland Athletics.

Next up was the Minnesota Twins series. There was not many moments in that series that are worth repeating, especially not the emotionally draining amount of negative online constituents that forced me to unfollow them on Twitter. We’ll just move on to the 2-game series against the San Diego Padres. On Memorial Day, thanks to some help from Kyle Seager and Dae-Ho Lee home runs, the Mariners ended up winning 9-3. However, the best moment of this contest came before the first official pitch was thrown:

Moment #2: Among the many things that I love about the Seattle Mariners, one of my favorites is their connection to the community. A lot of people have roots in some branch of the military, including myself, so it was cool to see this. Plus, the guy hustles.  

Game two was quite the affair, and seemed to erase whatever sour taste getting swept by the Twins left. Hishashi Iwakuma kept the Mariners in the game and the offense did the rest, scoring 16 runs on 14 hits. Kyle Seager continued extended his phenomenal May numbers by going 3-4 with 4 RBI. Seth Smith continued some solid play, adding 4 RBI of his own. Similar to the day before, the most genuine thing to come out of this win was the appreciation and love for Edgar Martinez.

Moment #3: I’m not crying. You’re crying.

Wednesday the Mariners headed to San Diego to play another 2-game series. Game one was rough, but despite losing 14-6, did not seem to discourage most people. It was just one game, one loss in the midst of the chaos that is a Major League Baseball season. Then came Game #2.

There are no real words to describe what happened inside the confines of Petco Park last night. No words could really encapsulate the roller coaster of emotions. Wade Miley was the most recent Mariners pitcher to struggle this turn. After 5 innings, the Mariners were down 12-2 and it would have been reasonable to think that scoring was done for the evening… If this were 2015. However it’s not 2016, and the Mariners can win and they can do it in different ways.

The Seattle Mariners of 2016, who currently have a wRC+ of 117, who have more home runs than every time in the entirety of MLB, and the same ones who rank in the top 10 of most offensive categories, would not lose this game. They would come roaring back to score 9 runs in two innings and they would beat the San Diego Padres 16-13. There has never been a comeback of bigger proportions in Mariners history.

I’ll let the voices of Dave Sims and Aaron Goldsmith tell last night’s story for you, it’s a good one.

Moment 4: No longer the impossible

Since the start of the 2016 baseball season, the Mariners have done their share to provide a lot “wow” moments to remember. Dae-Ho’s walk-off home run that saved the last game of a win-less first home series, the crazy Ketel/Robbie double-play against the Angels or Leonys Martin crashing into the center field wall to preserve a 1-0 win against the Royals. Admittedly there’s a lot to chose from, but last night may have topped them all.

In a busy life, it’s hard to take time to appreciate the amazing things that happen each day. While not every game is going to end like last night’s contest, the Mariners are going to continue to do a lot of things that will make us realize how lucky we are as fans. Make sure you don’t miss them.

Let’s handle business in Texas, boys.

Go Mariners.