Being a Mariners fan, you may have some reservations of the ghosts of closers past. This is normal. In the last 15 or so years, we have participated in our share of good memories: Kaz in ’01, Putz in ’06-’07 and the ever memorable, Rodney 2014 edition. On the other side, we’ve experienced Fernando Rodney 2015. You may remember him blowing 7 saves in 23 opportunities? Nothing against Rodney as a person, I just wish he was better baseball player for the Mariners in his second year.

However we are not here to relive the FRE, no no. We are here to give a happy shout out to our current closer, a gumby-limbed gentleman, that goes by the name of Steve Cishek. Last night, in an already stressful situation, Cishek came out and closed out a 4-3 win for the Mariners. These are just some of the number’s Cishek has put up this season:

Other than Cishek’s slider, there was a lot of other fun stuff that went on in last night’s game:

  • Adam Lind had an RBI single in the 4th to score Robinson Cano. Hopefully a little road trip is just what the doctor ordered for Lind’s bat to get going.
  • Curator of the greatest baseball butt envy, Kyle Seager himself, had a RBI double to right field in the 6th. Robinson Cano scored on the play. You know what? It’s not April anymore. May is upon us and Kyle is coming back with vengeance.
  • Speaking of Robinson Cano, he reached a pretty cool milestone last night:

Pretty solid group of baseball players, in my opinion. Last night Robinson went 3-for-4 with a double and 2 runs scored. My favorite on those hits was a hilarious single against the shift in the 7th. He pretty much giggled all the way to first base, it was that easy.

  • Ketel Marte did everything in his power to record all the outs last night. I appreciated his valiant infield defensive. Let’s do that again? How about once a night or so.
  • In what was eventually the game-winning run, Norichika doubled to get on base and stole third. After Steven Vogt’s errant throw went wide of third, Aoki sprinted home to make the score 4-1 Mariners. A run would we need, since the A’s would annoyingly come back and score two runs and make the score 4-3 going into the 9th.
  • Cannot forget bout tradition:


While Cishek’s Mariners career is still young, he has risen to the task of quelling our closer trust issues. Last night’s game could have gone very 2015, but it didn’t and the Mariners won. For that I am grateful. Keep doing your thing, Steve. We’ll keep believing in you.

Go Mariners.