Today is the third off day in the past two weeks for the Mariners. The first off day we had was coming off a happy and fun series against Texas. Mariners cyber land could not be shut up, we were on a justifiable baseball high. Off day number two came in the form of a travel day after a 1-5 home stand. That off day was essentially a warranted timeout for being too loud at the dinner table. It said “stop bragging about a three-game sample size, you overzealous Mariners conglomerate“.

While these off days are uneventful for fans, it does allow an extra day for thoughts, analysis and reflection.Sometimes that’s a good thing, but like any Mariners fan knows, sometimes it’s not so good.  Luckily today is one of those good things.

Game 10.  Nathan Karns v. Luis Severino. This game was fun, but then again, beating a historically despised team by a lot of runs always is. Brett Gardner  got the scoring going for the Yankees with a 1-run shot off Karns in the first, but that would be the only thing the Yankees had going that night. From the 4th to the 9th, the Mariners scored once an inning. Robinson Cano homers. Chris Iannetta goes 3/3 with three RBI because he is a #CATCHERWHORAKES (editors note: Chris Iannetta and his hitting is so far my favorite thing this season). Guti also had two RBI on the day, one on a sac fly in the 7th and a 9th inning double. Adam Lind also did a good thing. Nathan Karns picks up the first win for a Mariners starting pitcher this season. Mariners win 7-1.

Game favorite: Chris Iannetta’s 2-run home run in 5th. 

Game 11. Felix Hernandez v. C.C Sabathia. A typical low-scoring Felix Hernandez pitched game. Scoring for this game was again started by the Yankees, on a Carlos Beltran (yeah he’s still a thing) double. All Mariners scoring took place in a 5th inning thanks to a Leonys Martin home run (!), Robinson Cano scoring Ketel Marte, on the fastest hit and run I’ve seen in ages, and a Nelson Cruz RBI double. Nick Vincent gave up a solo shot to Carlos Beltran (what the). Other than the solo shot, the Mariners bullpen pitched 3/4 scoreless innings. Felix Tied Randy Johnson for all-time club leader in strike outs. Steve Cishek-Cishek by the seashore earned his first save on the year. Mariners win 3-2

Game favorite: Ketel Marte scoring from 1st on Robbie Cano single. Real MVP shout out to Manny Acta with the send from third. 

Game 12. Hisahshi Iwakuma v. Masahiro Tanaka. It was an exciting day for the Japanese media, having Kuma and Tanaka face each other in the big leagues for the first time. The boys could have broken it open in the first.  With 1-out and three consecutive singles from Seff, Robbie and Nellie, the Mariners had the bases loaded. Kyle Seager picked up a RBI on a fielders choice, but Adam Lind strikes out to end the inning. You know the whole capitalizing on runners in scoring position thing? You can only lead a horse to water…

After New York took the lead 3-1 on a A-Rod 2-run home run and Brett Gardner double, the Mariners rallied in consecutive innings. Steve Clevenger had a 2-out single in the 4th. Nori Aoki’s triple in the 5th was picked up for a run on a Seth Smith single. That tied the game 3-3. The only difference in the game was a run-scoring wild pitch at the hands of Hisashi Iwakuma. Unfortunately the Mariners could not hit against New York’s crazy good back end of their bullpen. Far be it for me to congratulate an opponent, but Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller, if you’re reading this, man y’all are good.

All in all it was a positive series for the Mariners. It was not a disheartening loss by any means, and as far as I can tell, most people are encouraged by the overall play in the series. Adam Lind is getting there (kinda). Nori Aoki should be getting more credit then I think he’s getting, and don’t worry y’all  Kyle is gonna be just fine.

Game favorite: Steve Clevenger’s RBI single, because he is trying so hard to be a #CatcherWhoRakes.

How did you spend your off day? What are your thoughts after the first few series have been played? Let’s talk about it. Go Mariners.

P.S – Since we were already on the topic of a #CatcherWhoRakes…

Love you, Mikey.