I have now officially eclipsed the 1-month mark  until I head down to Spring Training, and that is SO exciting. It is also my own personal milestone of completing my very first off season trying to keep up with the bustling baseball internet world. My writing finally got the attention of a someone other than my family and friends (love you all), and I’ve spent the past couple weeks writing for SodoMojo.com. I’ll be writing for them for the duration of the season. If you haven’t already, check out the pieces I’ve written on Robinson Cano, Ketel Marte, Hisashi Iwakuma, Felix Hernandez, Nelson Cruz and Leonys Martin.

Spring training, while largely annoying as a practice (only because its not quite “real” yet), does actually serve a larger purpose. Most important of those purposes is the official commencement of the upcoming season. What I love the most about spring training, other than my much needed yearly vacation, is the ease of the whole affair. During spring training you can really appreciate baseball it’s purest form: a game. 

Anyways baseball I’m darn happy you’re back, it was far too long without you. I now have fun, new stuff to write about again and bullpen videos to watch and oh my gosh Cishek doesn’t your arm hurt doing that? One week down y’all, we got this!
Here are my favorite moments (as told by Twitter) from this past week: 

Now presenting James Paxton 20lbs lighter with the potential to outdo me in a cartwheel contest.

Steve Cishek‘s previously mentioned follow through, followed by a big fat “ouch”

… Did someone say  catchers?! Love you, Mike Z.

Franklin Gutierrez and his dad at spring training because who doesn’t want to cry about baseball?

A look at Adam Lind controlling that zone. Woooooo boy!

Oh, hey guys. It’s nice to see the gang all together.

My heart, my soul, my oh my. 

If you’re feeling like you can’t hold on till the regular season starts… Don’t worry, it’s gonna be A-oki.

Cheers to week 1, you’ve been a wonderful reintroduction to the beauty that is baseball and the Seattle Mariners. Man, I can’t wait.

Go Mariners.