Hello all! Before I go on to my usual weekly post I wanted to take a moment to write a special thank you to all of my readers/viewers that have turned this blog into something extremely special to me.  Most who know me well know that I have had an insatiable love for baseball since my early years, but only very few people know that I have one other passion: writing. If you went back in time and asked 8-year-old Cydnie what she wanted to be when she grew up the answer was always, unapologetically a “sports journalist”. Well life happened to 22-year-old Cydnie, the writing industry fell and I had to pick something to major in, in college that wasn’t a dying art. My writing and baseball took a back seat to real world practicalities.

Throughout college my sports writer dreams changed and I kind of lost my way in what I wanted to do when I eventually left UW. That was weird for me. I have always been the type to have a plan and stick to it. I had an unbeatable work ethic and a passion to do great things in baseball but I didn’t have a single clue how to channel that into something productive. I graduated college this past June and I finally got the opportunity to get back to my fundamentals: baseball and writing. The world has changed and sports journalism does not hold the same weight it did a decade ago. It is much harder to have an impact on people with words alone. In 2015 you need a little something extra to get your point across. This is where the ideal of the internet comes into play, using social media to connect with a variety of  large audiences. A way to still get my written word heard, but do it in a way that will appeal to the dynamic platform that the internet provides. With help from a dear co-worker/friend I began this blog as a way to give meaning to my crazy fandom and attempt to make my opinion matter as a woman in a baseball world.  

I started this as a tangible expression of my passion for baseball. My vague intention was to reach a large amount of people, and explain (the best way I knew how) how baseball has positively affected my life. I never thought it would succeed to the proportions it has now. Don’t get me wrong, it is still very much in the beginning stages. That being said, there is no way I could muster up the motivation to continue this if it wasn’t for the people who read my posts week in and week out. Knowing that I’ve been a reliable, relatable source for many to read their baseball news (when I know there are a TON of news outlets out there) is huge honor. 

I don’t know if I could really find the words to truly express my thanks to everyone, but rather than try I will end with this: THANK YOU everyone for believing in me and continuing to give me reasons to write about the sport and team I love. Go Mariners.