Congratulations to the 2015 World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals! The AL faithful in me is all “woo yeah! All-star game advantages!”, but the baseball fan in me is all “that’s the last game of the season.. wait wait baseball come back!!”. This is very difficult for me. We’ve had a few days now to process the craziness that always characterizes any World Series, SO without further ado…

GAME 1: Wellllllll! Wasn’t this exciting?! This game started in Kansas City with Volequez on the mound for KC, Matt Harvey for the Mets and Daniel Murphy looking to extended his post-season best 6-game home run/rbi/hitting streak thing. Royals took the lead on a crazy inside-the-park home run by Alcides Escobar, and the Mets sustained a 3-1 lead into the 6th inning. RBI by Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas in the bottom of the 6th tied the game 3-3. The Mets took back the lead 4-3 in the 8th on a fielding error and it seemed like the game was all but finished.

“No no no, NOT TODAY” -Dikembe Mutombo via. Alex Gordon. Alex Gordon uses some of that silly clutch baseballin that the Royals seem to have an abundance of, and hits a game tying home run in the bottom of the 9th inning. We have extra innings folks! The 12th inning is where this game enters the twilight zone and Chris Young strikes out the side because he is amazing and I love you Chris you’re the best. In the bottom of the inning the Mets call upon none other than the greatest himself, Bartolo Colon. Colon’s inning was not as easy as Young’s but if anyone can throw strikes at will… It’s Bartolo Colon.

Onto the 13th inning, Young and Colon pitch scoreless frames and the game is now heading into the 5th hour of (now longest in WS history) Game 1.  The Mets are retired in order by Chris Young you beautiful tall man you. In the Royals half of the inning, the Royals get their first runner on base on a throwing error by David Wright, and proceed to load the bases via single and an intentional walk to Lorenzo Cain. Lorenzo Cain is RBI guy and you are not pitching to an RBI guy in the bottom of the 14th inning in Game 1 of the World Series, no no you don’t. Enter Eric Hosmer. Colon is one strike away from making this the longest inning played Game 1 in history (the record is 14 innings), but Hosmer had other plans. On a 2-2 count Hosmer launches a sac fly to right, Escobar tags from third to score the winning run. Game 1 over, past everyone’s bedtime.

Final(14): Kansas City 5, New York 4

GAME 2: It seemed like first pitch of Game 2 was approximately 10 seconds after the end of Game 1. On the mound for the Mets was Jacob DeGrom, against the Royals’ Johnny Cueto.  It has been noted that Cueto excels at Kauffman Stadium, as opposed to two of his less than astounding away starts during the playoffs this year. This was another reason manager Ned Yost started Cueto for Gm. 2, so he would never have to start on the road. The design did not disappoint. 

What we didn’t know was that Cueto would go above and beyond, put the team (a.k.a the depleted KC bullpen…okay the team too) on his back and pitch the first World Series complete game since Jack Morris pitched a 10-inning complete game in the 1991 World Series. His final line was an astounding  9INP / 2 H / 1 R / 3 BB  / 4 SO.

Aside from Cueto’s masterpiece, the Royals’ bats also made a huge impact against DeGrom and the Mets bullpen. They cranked out 10 hits for 7 runs against Mets’ pitching. Behind the scoring were familar names: Escobar and Hosmer added a pair of RBI each. Mike Moustakas and the Game.1 (batting) hero himself, Alex Gordon, also added an RBI.

Final Score: Kansas City 7, Mets 1

GAME 3: Hello there, Mets offense and Noah Syndergaard! What a game you put on for everyone! There were three lead changes in this game before the Mets would take the lead for good on a Michael Conforto two-run single in the 5th. However the biggest offensive story of the night came from the Mets’ captain himself, David Wright. It was only fitting that Wright’s first ever World Series homerun come in front of a starved Citi-Field crowd. A crowd that has long yearend for something to be excited about, but most importantly crowd that has recognized the loyalty that their captain has given them.

I’m just gonna leave this here. This home run gave me freakin’ goosebumps. It wasn’t quite “Jose Bautista bat flip” status, but my goodness I can only imagine what it was like as a Mets fan in that moment. The feeling of “hey, don’t give up guys were still in this,” that any beloved player can give to a discouraged crowd *cough* Felix Hernandez *cough*. Obviously if the Mets did not win this game they would have been down 3-0 in the series, but this game was more about helping Mets fan hold onto a dream that been in the making for generations.

Final Score: New York 9, Kansas City 3

GAME 4: *Insert quote about halloween magic = devil magic = Royals have baseball winning devil magic here*… Good, now that the obligatory “we played a game on Halloween so we’re gonna talk about baseball magic, spooky spooky” pun is out of the way, let’s talk another ridiculously mind boggling Royals come from behind victory.  I’m not saying that I’m tired of watching the Royals come from behind, but goodness gracious you do have to wonder how it keeps happening. They kind of hang out until someone messes up and bing-boom-bang the Royals are winning again, and wait the game is over? Oh.

The Mets scored first in this game thanks to a home run by Michael Conforto and an RBI sac fly by Curtis Granderson (forgot about him didn’t ya?), against my beloved Chris Young. He would go 4 innings and give up only those two runs. The Mets get one run back in the 5th, but another home run by Conforto makes the score 3-1. Citi Field is excited, we’re excited. We. Want. A. (guaranteed) Game. 6. Steve Matz leaves with a 3-2 lead in the 6th, and we’re still feeling good (and by we I mean every baseball fan in America that wants more baseball).

However the 8th inning has other plans for us. Thanks to a fielding error by Daniel Murphy, the offense stalwart of the NLDS/CS, the Royals tie the game. RBI by Moustakas and Salvador Perez put the Royals up for good, 5-3 and Kansa City is one game away from winning the World Series.

Final Score: Kansas City 5, New York 3

GAME 5: I know the majority of you woke up this lovely Sunday morning ready for football, football, footballllllll! Kansas City woke up thinking, “let’s clinch the World Series tonight”.

The game starts off with a Curtis Granderson home run. Side note: don’t hate me but the last time I heard good things about Curtis Granderson, he played for the Tigers still… Yeah, I know. Sorry, Mets fans. Anyway the Mets add a run on in the 6th, and the score is 2-0 going into the 9th. Those of us who have been watching the playoffs thus far understand that we of course cannot assume the game is over, because these are the Royals and you almost expect a comeback win to happen at this point.

WHATTYA know?! The Royals tie the game in the 9th on an Eric Hosmer double and a Salvador Perez RBI. Then we go to extra innings because nothing can just be won easily, now can it? The by some kind of divine intervention the Kansas City Royals somehow find it in them to muster up 5 runs in top of the 12th inning, to become World Champions. I don’t know how they did it. I don’t know how it makes any ounce sense that they came from behind (in this playoffs alone) eight times to win all the games that made them champions. Remember folks, baseball is not fair, it’ll break your heart and leave wondering why you started paying attention in the first place. We love you baseball, never leave us.

Kansas City Royals, 2015 World Series Champions! You’ve been #Crowned. 

Here’s Jonny Gomes to bid all of us, and baseball season farewell (click link to hear the most Jonny Gomes thing to ever happen).

Jonny Gomes