Hellllllo! How is everyone? We doing good? Good.  Welcome to my recap of the first full round + wildcard + games to date of these here 2015 MLB playoffs. You’ll have to give me a little leeway here, as you all know I’ve never written about a playoff series… Because Mariners.

As of today, this is where the playoff bracket sands:

(picture courtesy of mlb.com)

I think most people can agree that this year’s playoffs has been filled with a whole lot of weird (lookin at you Jays/Rangers gm. 5), lots and lots of home runs (hey Cubs) and THE ASTROS FINALLY LOSING THANK YOU JOHNNY CUETO & co (except you Kendrys). I think we also can agree that a lot of the major players in the 2015 playoffs would not have been possible, if it wasn’t for the remarkable trades at the end of the trade deadline. Who said baseball was boring?!  In other words there has been a WHOLE lot of baseball, good and bad. This makes my heart very, very happy.


By the gods of Marty McFly, the Cubs clinched a playoff series in Wrigley for the first time ever in the history of forever. In the NLDS the Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals played the only series that did not go all 5 games, and boy oh boy was there a whole lot of offense and a whole lot of home runs. Including this historic 6 home run game:

(picture courtesy of @sportsillustrated Instagram)

…. Oh and you might have seen this. The ball is currently memorialized on the top of the right field scoreboard in Wrigley. The Cubs are currently down 2-0 in the NCLS to the Mets because apparently Daniel Murphy wants to homer off every pitcher in the Cubbies rotation, including Jon Lester (Gm 1) and Jake Arrieta (Gm 2). Both of these teams have not won or made it to a World Series for a very long time now, but it will take the second half of the Cubs rotation to step up against the likes of boy wonder, Jacob DeGrom. If all else fails, send Fernando out there. He seems to excel in high-pressure situations (lol).


Well, there is literally no question when it comes to my opinion of the Houston Astros. None, zero, nada, zipppppo! Maybe I’m bitter because the Astros’ narrative is similar to what the Mariners were supposed to be this year… Juuuuuust maybe. Full disclosure, you can chalk it up to jealously. So, it’s fair to say that I was COMPLETELY ECSTATIC pleased when the Royals knocked them out of contention. Also, the apparent confidence that was attributed to the Astros’ winning ability by the Governor of Texas was also not lost upon me:


Dear ol’ Gov. Abbott tweeted this “congratulations” when the Astros were up 6-1 in Gm. 4 of the ALDS, before the game was actually over. The Royals went on to win Gm.4 9-6 and eventually beat the Astros 7-2 in Gm. 5 to advance to the ALCS.

Hahahahahahahaha, Astros.


I’ll be completely transparent in saying that this series was the series that I paid the least attention to out of the four, so most of my information/thoughts on these games comes almost exclusively from highlight reels and other recaps. The Dodgers playoffs run was ultimately stigmatized by the “defensive” slide to end all “defensive” slides. In Gm. 2 of the Dodgers/Mets series, Dodgers infielder Chase Utley slid so hard into Ruben Tejada that he broke his leg, and ultimately was suspended for the remainder of the series. Another popular story line was Clayton Kershaw and his inconsistencies from the regular season to the playoffs. Don Mattingly & Co. were the official starters of the Daniel Murphy curse, as he homered off both Kershaw and Zack Greinke in the final games. The Dodgers look poised to return to a good 2016 campaign with the likes of Kershaw, Corey Seager (HEY BABY SEAGER! You know you’re a Mariner by default right? Right) and Joc Pederson.

The Mets made the playoffs on a crazy season that had me texting my best friend “wait, when did the Mets get good?”… The Mets haven’t won a world series in a real long time, so it ultimately it seemed like they wanted the series more than the Dodgers. The Mets also have the holy grail of all baseball players, none other than Bartolo Colon. Their NLCS series with the Cubs has been the first time in, I don’t know how many years, that a NL “powerhouse” (i.e Giants, Cardinals) has not been at least one of the teams participating. It’s refreshing to see a couple of teams that have been perennial underdogs for the last few decades compete at one of the highest levels of the playoffs. As mentioned before, the Met’s are up 2-0 on the Cubs and I absolutely cannot wait to see who comes out on top.


We’re gonna go ahead and do theses ones together. Luckily, this was the day that I figured out how to watch the playoffs on my work computer and I got to see every glorious minute of this game, but I was especially grateful to have witnessed the 53-minute 7th inning that had the baseball world going bonkers. In my opinion this game started in the bottom of the 6th inning when Edward Encarnacion absolutely killed/smashed/obliterated a 435ft home run to left field to tie the game up and officially start the Texas meltdown.

Then in the top of the 7th this happens:


In case you have been living under a rock, this crazy thing happened where the catcher in this situation was being a tad bit careless in throwing the ball back to the pitcher when the returning ball ricocheted off Choo’s bat, which turned into a fair ball that resulted in Odor scoring from third. Whacky, but completely legal and a good call by the ump: Texas 3, Toronto 2.

*insert fans throwing beer cans on field that hit an infant* The bottom of the 7th all hell breaks loose and Texas (and Elvis Andrus) forget how to field a baseball. Three errors later, Toronto has tied the game, two runners on and the one, the only Jose Bautista bat flips his way into game 5 infamy. Two bench fights and a sad Adrian Beltre (as pictured at the beginning of the article) later, the Jays win and advance to the ALCS. They are currently down 2-0 to the Royals.