There comes a time every September that the fuzzy feeling of summer’s favorite sport starts to wear off. At this point in the season, the Mariners are probably not making the playoffs. Once football season officially kicks off, it is easy to forget that the MLB season is still thriving. It’s easy to forget that some teams playoff hopes will come down to the 162nd game, teams that struggled all year can go on a 20 game win streak and to upset their division, and teams that have dominated all season will come crumbling down (hahahahahaha Astros).

This past Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks played their first regular season game against the St. Louis Rams. While this particular game may not have a long-term effect on baseball season, it does mean one thing for sure for my beloved Seattle Mariners. Football, Blue Fridays, the “12s” are all coming back with vengeance. With yet another less than promising baseball season coming to a close, my fellow Seattle sport connoisseurs have started to focus their attention on the boys in blue and bright green. I get it… Football is exhilarating. Football is intense. It’s perfectly acceptable to scream and taunt the fan next to you for rooting for your division rival. You can do that in baseball, but who are we really kidding? Aside from the occasional “atta boy” or “good job *insert player name here*!”, screaming in baseball is like screaming at a really intense swimming meet. You can do it, but it’s only semi-acceptable in really, really impassioned moments. Like a walk off home-run, an inning ending double play that saves the tying run from scoring, or even the end of the no-hitter thrown by pitcher that is plagued with short innings and fatigue (love you, Kuma bear)… That’s the beauty of the sport. Most of the time baseball is there to just be purely enjoyed. There is usually no pressure to be overly engaged or enthusiastic.

I want everyone to understand I fully support all of Seattle’s teams, screaming or not. You better believe I was one of the hundreds of thousands screaming at the TV nearly two years ago when the Seahawks brought a championship to a city that desperately needed one. I was definitely one of the many that was left in an emotional state of disbelief when those same Seahawks were 1-yd away from bringing home a second Super Bowl in as many seasons. To throw a little Seattle sports #tbt in here, I also remember being an extremely dissapointed 15-year-old in the summer of 2008 when those mean business men from Oklahoma bought our Sonics for $45 million dollars. No one outside of the state of Oklahoma likes you Clay Bennett… No. One.

Wait sorry, back to the point…
I ask you, my dear Seattle sports faithfuls,  while celebrating Century Link’s favorite residents every Sunday (Monday… or Thursday)  please remember their neighbors across the street. There’s still a little baseball season left. Still a little time to remember this season that has had some truly wonderfully exciting moments. You may still acknowledge the bad moments of this season, the past decade of seasons really, but know that the bad eventually goes away. You find some hope in the unknown of the next season, all the while appreciating the team we already have. All I ask is that until October 4th, understand that baseball is still alive in the northwest and we’ll cheer for these Mariners as loud and obnoxiously as we possibly can. For a sport that doesn’t usually require the excessive enthusiasm… I know they would surely appreciate it. #GoHawks #GoMariners