I should start by saying that a love for baseball cannot be taught. You either love it or you don’t. In my experience, there really is no in-between. This being said, you may wonder why I have decided to write a blog trying to convince people to follow my two-decade long, and continuing, journey with America’s past time. The answer is this: the appreciation for the long standing tradition that comprises professional sports. There is no teaching love, but I can try my damnedest to show my friends, readers and the like how to appreciate and enjoy the game.

I was born 1993 in Washington State. When I was born, the Seattle Mariners had not even reached the 20 year mark as a franchise. My fandom in large is due partly to my mom who worked at the Kingdome (R.I.P.)- home of the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks, located deep in the SoDo district of Seattle. Although I do owe the majority of my obsession to my Grandpa Bill and his unwavering support of my baseball crazies. I have always had access to Seattle’s (still relatively young) professional sport tradition. April 1993 marked the beginning of my first ever baseball season, I was two months old. I would be lying if I said I remembered anything about my first baseball seasons, but what I know for sure is during my mom’s days as a Kingdome suite attendant, a Mariners fan was born and there was no turning back from there.

Being a fan of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club has always come with a stigma attached to it. The Mariners have never been won or been apart of the World Series. They have won their division three times but the most notable success times of the Mariners’ 38 year-old history came in 1995 & 2001. In short, if you’re a “Mariners fan” you support a lost cause…. And part of this is true. You have hot streaks of production (thank you Nelson Cruz circa 2015- I love you) from the team and days where you appreciate the crazy logic that is our front office. Being a Mariners fan has taught me a deep, deep love and reverence for the game. Baseball is a mentally tiring sport. Not even the greatest of fans can possibly catch every game, every article or every bit of praise or criticism that their team gets on a daily basis… Unless you get paid for it… In that case, hope to join you soon my dear fellow baseball patrons.

Baseball has always been more than just a sport for me. Even though I’ve never played it a day in my life, I’ve never been able to explain it but the love is just there. You fall in love early and you stay put. Hope is always there for your team to succeed, no matter the circumstance. Baseball is about community, its about having common ground, it’s about respecting the game and the experience for what it is. Mariners Baseball has been my passion since as far back as my memory goes and I hope to convey that to everyone that takes the time to look at this blog.

As I watch games in Safeco and travel to all 29 other stadiums in Major League Baseball, I hope I can paint a picture great enough to encourage you to head to your local stadium and catch a game. This blog is not meant to go into the the crazy statistics or to create super fans of the sport. My goal is to give you enough information to purely enjoy the experience. Just be in the moment and appreciate it for what it is. I promise it will be worth it. Until then, Go Mariners (and everyone else’s teams, love you too).