The beginning of my baseball journey started at a ripe 2 months old in 1993 at Seattle’s national treasure, the Kingdome (#RIP), and has continued into the beautiful confines of Safeco Field. This being my home stadium, I could write about it until… Well, until my favorite boys in navy, teal, silver and white secure that elusive October pennant. The Kingdome and Safeco are both close to my heart and have provided the scenery to my baseball journey. I hope it does the same job for anyone wishing to begin their own journey into one of the cornerstones of professional athletics.



  1. The Mariners have been a franchise since 1977 – they have three AL West division titles (’95,’97 & ’01) and no world series berths/wins
  2. Safeco was opened on July 15th, 1999 against the San Diego Padres after the Mariners and the Seattle Seahawks vacated their original home, the Kingdome. The Kingdome was demolished in March 2000.
  3. Mascot: the Mariner Moose
  4. Colors: Navy, Silver, White
  5. Safeco field has a retractable roof. If it starts to rain during the game- it takes about 10/15 minutes to close the roof.


  1. The Mariners have sent 6 uniformed players and one beloved broadcaster to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame (Pat Gillick, Goose Goosage, Rickey Henderson, Dick Williams, Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson and Dave Niehaus).
    The Mariners have inducted 9 players into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame (Dave Niehaus, Alvin Davis, Jay Buhner, current hitting coach Edgar Martinez, Dan Wilson, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., Lou Pinella and Jamie Moyer)
    In 2001 the Mariners won 116 games, eclipsing the American League record for wins and tying the record for most major league wins set by the Chicgo Cubs in 1906 (in a 152 game season)
  2. Felix Hernandez (Pictcher #34) pitched the only perfect game in Mariners history on August 15th, 2012. Six time all-star for Seattle. Won the AL Cy Young Award in 2010 with 13 wins (fewest wins by any Cy Young recipient for a full season). He is arguably the franchise player of the club and most recognizable name on the Seattle Mariners. He has the current lowest career Earned Run Average (ERA) for all Mariners staring pitchers at 3.08 and is only second in strike outs to Randy Johnson at 2,096.
  3. Nelson Cruz (Outfield/Designated Hitter #23) is producing one of the great offensive years (2015) a uniformed Seattle Mariner has put together since Edgar Martinez in ’95. He has recently tied the record for consecutive games with an extra base hit (9) held by Ken Griffey Jr., and manufactured a career best 20 game hitting streak.
  4. Edgar Martinez (Designated Hitter #11)- is a 7 time all-star with Seattle. He is the only player in MLB history to have spent his entire career with one club (with a minimum of 10 years service) with the Mariners (18 seasons). Only to return as the hitting coach in 2015. He holds the club record for most doubles (514), most RBIs (1,261) and total bases (3,718).
  5. Ken Griffey Jr. “The Kid” (Outfield #24)- 10 time all-star with Seattle. Holds the all time home run record with the Mariners (417). Was drafted in the first round of the MLB draft by Seattle in 1987, played for Seattle from 1989-1999 and 2009-2010.
  6. Ichiro Suzuki (Outfield #51)- 10 time all-star with Seattle. He holds the all time batting average record (.322) and record for hits with the club (2533).


  1. Safeco seats roughly 54,000 people.
    If you’re looking to take in a game at Safeco keep in mind the dynamic pricing. Depending on the time of the week, popularity of the event, potential giveaways and their winning record, the prices will vary.
  2. A cheap but scenic route to take in a ball game – seats in Left Field bleachers. The view from these seats are in left field, still provide a view of the field and MLB’s largest center field screen.
  3. Main level seats best values are sections 118-111 and 142-150.
  4. Safeco also offers three popular “deluxe” seating options: the Terrace club, the All-Star club and the Diamond Club.
    The Terrace Club is the second level of seating in Safeco. The Terrace club offers an inside seating area to watch the game directly behind the main seating area, cushioned seats, full service bars and an option to have food served to you at your seat. Depending on the dynamic pricing and proximity to the field these can range from $45-$85.
  5. The All-Star Club is adjacently with the suite level of seating level of Safeco. The tickets are a little harder to come by and the run anywhere from $140(ish)-$200. These tickets include complimentary parking, all you can eat food, wine and beer.
  6. The Diamond Club is the area located directly behind home plate. It has all the same amenities as the All-Star club, but you pay more for the location. The least expensive seat I’ve seen offered there was about $250 per seat.
    If it is your first time at Safeco – sit on the first base side. The higher you go you get a better view of the city and the lower you get allows you a closer view behind the home team dugout.


  1. Safeco’s most recognizable spot for food and drinks is appropriately named “The Pen” – it houses a full bar, three different areas to grab a quick beer (ranging from coors to blue moon eason and regular) to manny’s). There are three different food stations to get everything from hot dogs to dirty tots. The Pen opens 2.5 hours prior to first pitch, and has a happy hour ($6 beers on tap) for the early birds to the stadium. Happy hour ends one hour prior to first pitch.
  2. There are two areas that follow the $6 beer rule throughout the game. The first behind right field, adjacent to the Hit It Here Cafe. The second area is hidden bar rail behind the variety of food options behind home plate.
  3. HIT-IT-HERE CAFE: This area is sold by bar seat/table and located on the same level of the terrace club, directly above right field. There is a possibility to eat in the cafe if all seats have not been sold by first pitch. They offer a full bar/menu and a fan favorite is the pulled pork sandwich or the sourdough bread bowl with chowder.
  4. EDGAR’S CANTINA: This bar is dedicated and named for our fearless hitting coach and future hall of famer, Edgar Martinez. It gives you an awesome view of the field, straight down the 3rd baseline and inside of the left field foul pole. My favorite there would be the carne asada tacos.


  1. There is a “Kid’s Club” on Safeco’s main concourse behind section 109 if you are attending a game with children under 10.